Bread Flour: What’s the Difference?

Bread flour is usually made from hard red wheat harvested in the fall and planted in the spring (winter). Gluten is a protein that makes bread elastic. Hard wheat is high in gluten. Hard wheat contains 11.5-13.5% (12-14% from a second source) protein. This increased protein binds with the flour to trap carbon dioxide from the yeast fermentation. It results in a stronger rise and a chewier texture.

We know that homemade bread is the best. However, it cannot be easy for some to choose the right flour when baking bread. We sat down together with Allinson’s to help you bake the best bread.

Strong white bread flour

Bread flour is essential when baking bread. While some loaf recipes may call for plain flour, this is not the norm. For the perfect loaf, strong white bread flour is required to have a high protein level. It can be used to make pizza dough or pasta.

Allinson’s All-purpose White Bread Flour is excellent all-purpose bread flour. It also has a high gluten content, making it ideal for bread making.

This product is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Very Strong White Bread Flour

A blend of premium wheat is used to make very strong white bread flour. It has a higher protein and gluten content than regular white bread flour.

This will give you a more substantial rise, and it can be combined with wholemeal and rye flour to create a rounder loaf.

This product is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Very Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour

Allinson’s Very Strength Wholemeal Bread Flour uses 100% of the wheat grain. This flour retains all-natural nutrients, resulting in significant amounts of fiber and iron.

Wholemeal flour contains bran, which reduces the effectiveness and rise of gluten in bread making. This means wholemeal bread dough won’t rise as high as white bread dough. Wholemeal bread is denser and moister than white bread and has less spring. We recommend adding a small amount of Allinson’s White Strong Bread Flour (or Very Strong White Bread Flour) to the wholemeal flour to make the bread lighter.

White or Wholemeal Grain & Seed Bread Flour

You can make a loaf with Seed and Grain flour for a richer texture. You can use this flour in the same way as wholemeal and white bread flour, but it’s blended with wheat, barley flakes and sunflower seeds. These extra ingredients will enhance your loaf.

Vegetarians Can Use This Product

Country Grain Flour

Country Grain bread flour is the best flour to make granary-style loaves. Your loaf will have a wonderful nutty flavor and rich texture thanks to the combination of white bread flour, malted whey flakes, rye flour, and malted barley flour.

Vegetarians Can Use This Product.

These flours can be used in bread machines with ‘white’ or ‘wholemeal basic settings.

Some recipes call for strong white flour’, while others only require ‘wholemeal’ flour. This can lead to confusion. Use the correct bread flour to bake a delicious, well-baked loaf if you’re unsure.

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