A high angle extreme close up shot of half a ham and cheese panini on a panini maker grill.

How to make the best-grilled cheese you have ever made?

There is nothing better than hot grilled cheese. It’s delicious and easy to make. This is why we have named it our unofficial Grilled cheese Week. We love grilled cheese, and so do you.

We’ll be exploring more creative grilled cheese recipes later in the week. First, let’s get back to basics. How to make an amazing grilled cheese sandwich. Even though this sandwich is simple and doesn’t require any recipe, it’s not impossible to learn new ways to improve it.

These are just a few tips to make your grilled cheese great. Here’s how:

Cheese is not just for between bread: It can also be in bread.

First, homemade bread is what you are choosing, right? First, you choose homemade bread.

You can take your sandwich to the next level using a cheesy loaf. This Jalapeno–Cheddar Bread has pockets of cheddar and pickled jalapeno slices. It creates the perfect balance of creamy richness with tangy acidity. This bread is the perfect complement to any grilled cheese sandwich.

Make perfect triangles using a square loaf.

The recipe page explains that the cheesy Jalapeno and Cheddar Bread can either be made in a 9 “x5” loaf pan or in a 9″ x4″ x4″ (Pullman). The Pullman pan is the best option. The straight sides of the Pullman pan create square slices that result in neat and even cuts of grilled cheddar. Although we prefer triangles, this can also be used to make nice rectangles. (Don’t forget the Jalapeno Cheddar!

Spread mayonnaise on your bread, not butter.

While many people butter the bread to toast it, we prefer mayonnaise. Although it may sound strange, this creates a crisp sandwich with uniform colour.

Toast the inside of your bread.

Do not just spread the mayo on the bread’s exterior. It would be best if you also rubbed it on the inside. After toasting both sides of your bread, add your cheese and stack the sandwich. This gives the sandwich a crispier texture and makes it easier to melt the cheese.

Use a lid to maximize meltiness.

You’ve seen it before: The bread is brown and toasty with a crispy exterior and deep colour. It will burn if it takes a little longer — it is time to remove the grilled cheese from the heat. Disaster! The cheese hasn’t melted completely, except once you do.

You can avoid this by putting a lid on your pan as the grilled cheese is cooking. You can melt the cheese faster than surface heat by trapping heat. This will ensure that the cheese doesn’t get stale and you don’t have a sandwich with too much heat.

One last tip: Have patience. Although making grilled cheese is simple, it doesn’t take very long to put together. Let the bread cool down and let it brown completely. You’ll be able to make a great sandwich!

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